From the vaults: diamond lace scarf

August 1, 2007

Here’s some pics of my really, really long orange scarf.

I made this during a particularly heinous couple months of my life, and it took forever, and even when I was done with it I decided it needed a border which took forever all over again, so I think of it as Penelope’s shroud. Not that Odysseus came back to town and killed my suitors and maids and then went off wandering until he found somebody who called his oar a winnowing fan or anything, and I doubt Penelope had access to such fabulous, high-tech orange cotton, but still.

If you get plain old yarn-over k2tog lace, that’s what this is, only with a diamond that builds up and diminishes in the middle, with a sawtooth lace border applied after the body is finished.

I’m working on writing up the how-to of it for pattern-writing practice, but right now the counting is making me dizzy. So here’s the snaps. Somebody bug me for the pattern and I’ll reconstruct it for everybody.


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