Representing for the fellas…

September 26, 2007

Not that I’ve ever claimed to be representative of my sex, or that my new crop of facial hair has resolved all of my gender stuff, but…

Ariadne found a somewhat spooky youtube featuring knitting fellas. Hey dude, what’re you making? A hammock. With sharpened pool cues. Yipes.

Not to diss the pool-cue guy (I mean c’mon, it’s kind of awesome), but it brings to mind the Dave Cole stuff from the Radical Lace show – hey! look at me! I’m a man! and I’m knitting! with back-hoes! (or whatever you call those things). So that makes it art!

I mostly knit on the subway, and I don’t have a knitting circle. I’ve met plenty of knitters on public transit, but only a couple of knitting men. Knitting breaks the NYC subway rule – strangers talk to you. Here are a couple of random boy-boy knitting encounters I have to share…

(one) More than a couple times, I’ve had people ask me if I went to Waldorf school. Subway conversations always start in the middle of things – “Waldorf school, huh?” “Um… no? Why do you say that?” “Oh, all the Waldorf school kids learn to knit, even the boys…”

(two) Last year I met a teacher on the subway. I was knitting penelope, and she was wearing a sweater she’d made herself. She told me her dad started knitting during world war II – he was on a submarine. There’s lots and lots of down-time on a submarine, and in between it’s pretty hectic, so knitting sounds like a perfect stress-relief and time killer. Her dad got everybody knitting by the end of their tour. Better than scrimshaw, that’s for sure.

(three) The last time I went to a punk show, (Mastodon & Against Me! this spring) the bouncer checked my bag. I was carrying the cotton and sticks that became the anemone blanket. He said, oh, man, I’m learning how to do that! Who knew?

I know the knitting fellas out there in the ether have more to add… to be continued…


2 Responses to “Representing for the fellas…”

  1. Molly Ann Says:

    Geez, here in Montreal I just mostly get stared at when I knit in public. You New Yorkers are friendly!Although, last time I was knitting something intarsia, some guy came over to me said (in french) “I’ve never seen anyone knitting with that many pieces of yarn before” . . . and then he turned around and walked away. Go figure.

  2. Marjojo Says:

    Hi Daniel, Just talked on the phone to my mom who visited me here last week when amongst other things I introduced her to my world of blogging. Took her to your blog too to show her your sun-gorgeous baby-blanket and I translated for her what you’d written about your grandfather. And just now, when we talked about my dad whose birthday it would have been today she remembered your heirloom-pincushion! This strange object and the story that went with it really touched her.

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