Prototype Tuesday – Jumbo Knitted Octopus

October 9, 2007

I’m usually not one for showing works in progress, but it’s killing me that I can’t show the other thing I’ve been up to lately since I submitted it to knitty (everybody cross your fingers and hop on one foot for me), so here’s one – it’s my most recent attempt at designing a knitted octopus! It’s not 100% there yet, but it’s getting close – this is the rough draft. And can I just say I love radial symmetry?

This is worked completely in the round with (ta daa!) no sewing whatsoever. Which means it’s totally scalable (by the time I do the pattern write-up, there’ll be two or three sizes – a whole octo family), and you can make a snuggly cephalopod of your very own with any gauge yarn you want. I’m planning to self-publish this one in the etsy shop, and I’m writing up the pattern super-deluxe, with step-by-step pics of all the tricky moves. Watch this space for some small-scale circular knitting tutorials in days to come.

There’s a squid in my head that will be made much the same way and follow hot on the octo’s heels… or tentacles, tee hee! And did anybody see the creatures of the deep on the cover of Smithsonian magazine this month? Yipes – it’s got me trying to figure out how to make a see-through plushie!


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