Friday Sneak Peek – Knitted Pillbugs!

May 30, 2008

Hi everybody – Here’s a peek at the newest addition to the Tatting My Doilies strange knitted toy menagerie – A Pillbug!

What do you call these things? (Aside from the only existing terrestrial crustacian or armadillidiidae) Apparently it’s one of those regional things – I grew up calling them pillbugs. My friends from Upstate NY call them potato bugs, and Faye from Australia calls them roly polies. I’ll probably call the pattern doodlebug, just ’cause that’s the cutest name I’ve heard for them yet.

The pattern should be up by next weekend, so stay tuned!


9 Responses to “Friday Sneak Peek – Knitted Pillbugs!”

  1. Tatman Says:

    CUTE! I call them roly polies or ball bugs. We have a TON of them here in the Midwest. Fun childhood past time ;)

  2. Bunny Says:

    These are great! I grew up with Roly Poly, and My husband grew up calling them pill bugs. I think if you did them in white they would make grubs.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hello Daniel, Well done, cute little critters. Although the real ones are destructive pests. I too liked playing with them as a kid, watching them curl up. Same with snails. Keep me informed. I'll be buying again.Faye

  4. dragon knitter Says:

    believe it or not, we always called them sowbugs, cuz their legs looked like baby piglets! my girls called them rolly pollies when they were little, though.

  5. Alyssa Says:

    Ha1 Love it, so cute!

  6. FloridaSusan Says:

    You need to make a euglena next. I hear you saying it now…"You mean a euglena?!" ;-) -Susan who lives in Florida with the really big cockroaches.

  7. Amy Lane Says:

    omg–too cute! I loved the propeller beanie as well!

  8. Celticred63 Says:

    I gotta have this pattern! My stepdaughter just last week nudged a roly poly, but it stubbornly refused to roll. When I saw this, I knew I had to knit one for her so she can make it roll whenever she wants.

  9. cheryl Says:

    very cute pattern. I grew up in the midwest and called them roly polys. There are bugs that look similar that don't roll up in a ball and those are usually called sow bugs.

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