A Pattern A Day

December 23, 2008

I should have blogged this ages ago, but better late than never –
My lace and loop scarf has been featured in the 2009 Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar – it’s a great little looseleaf box o’ knitting love, and with umpteen patterns to choose from, from newbie designers and established yarn companies, it’s one of the best bargains going – and a great last-minute stocking stuffer!

…and, of course, the pattern will be available for download in the shop soon!


7 Responses to “A Pattern A Day”

  1. Quirkyster Says:

    That's so great Daniel!! Why didn't you leak to news to us earlier?!

  2. knithound brooklyn Says:

    That's terrific Daniel. What day is yours?

  3. Vegan Knitting Says:

    Congratulations! I'll look into that calendar.

  4. Daniel Yuhas Says:

    My Special Days are August 13 – 14! Yay midsummer knitting!

  5. amanda Says:

    whoa! i didn't know that was published! congrats! that's one of my favorites!

  6. Lenore Says:

    I got the 2009 "Pattern A Day", and your Lace and Loop Scarf was about the only really new and interesting pattern. But I'm having troubles. You start with 58 sts, decrease down to 29 sts (k2tog across). So, with an uneven number of sts and doing (k2tog, yo…), how do you end up with 10 sts (even number), remaining in that (and other)rows? Also, do the I-cord sts go back onto the left or right needle? And what does 'From right needle,…' mean? Sorry to be so obtuse.

  7. Daniel Yuhas Says:

    Ack – sorry about the 58 sts. Start with 56 and all will be well. The dpn with the I-cord on it does a somersault and lands right back where it started… does that make any sense? I'll post an errata sheet on my help page soon.

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