Pillbugs for the Popcorn School

January 20, 2009

Hey folks – if you’ve been itching to get your hands on a MoltingYeti original and you live anywhere near Flatbush, Brooklyn, here’s your chance! I’m donating one of my sample Doodlebugs (aka pillbug, roly-poly, woodlouse, armadillidiidae or the only known terrestrial crustacean) to the silent auction at my godson Silas’s pre-school.

The party promises to be tons of fun too – There will be yummy food and dancing, lots of dessert, and auction items galore, all for one of the coolest pre-schools ever.

Next Saturday, January 31 @ 7:00
The basement of the Dutch Reformed Church
Kenmore Terrace and East 21st Street
(near the intersection of Flatbush and Church)
Brooklyn, NY
$15 cover includes dinner & dancing – all proceeds go to the Popcorn School.
It’s a benefit for kids, but this party is for grown-ups.

Hope to see some of you there!


4 Responses to “Pillbugs for the Popcorn School”

  1. Marjojo Says:

    I feel a bit like a pre-school kid here – I learned a lot and it was all fun! Looked up pill bugs (learned a new word) – decided I only like to see them close-up when they’re rolled up or in your cuddly-softie-version. Learned about no-pants-day – a bit of cool shivering cross-gender exuberance in January! and listened to a crane’s Xmas-song version?, oh no, it’s a steam engine… :)

  2. Marjojo Says:

    Are you hibernating?

  3. Daniel Yuhas Says:

    Not hibernating, but hard at work… I’ll have a lot to show for it soon!

  4. Red Says:

    I called them doodlebugs and find it pretty funny to find them in knitted form

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