Oh Christmas Trees hits 1000 Ravel-Hearts

December 16, 2009

Here’s a social networking milestone – My Oh Christmas Trees pattern, which I posted last December, just got favorited for the one thousandth time over on Ravelry. That’s a lot of love! Or at least a lot of hearts! I hope the pattern has brought some cheer to everyone who’s given it a try!

x 100

One of the great things about Ravelry is that you can connect with people you’d never get to meet in real life, and you can see how your ideas turn out when other people try them. I’m particularly fond of Cheezombie and Knittingfrog‘s projects, ’cause they each took some super pictures and made the pattern their own. Here’s Knittingfrog’s Seussy Tree:

oh tannenbaum
by knittingfrog on flickr

The Oh Christmas Trees knitting pattern is available here on Ravelry or here from MoltingYeti.com


3 Responses to “Oh Christmas Trees hits 1000 Ravel-Hearts”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats Daniel. Question??? Will you remember us "little people" now that you are becoming world famous as I told you you would???? :-)))Proud of you! Told ya so!

  2. mary jane Says:

    congratulations you genius you! Happy New Year!

  3. The Knitting Frog Says:

    My friend just told I got blogged…I am touched ;-)I hope we can expect more patterns from you as that set was truly fab!!Happy New Year!

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