Blue Star Blanket in print Across the Water

March 23, 2010

Remember all that tweed I was talking about last summer?  Here’s the first thing I made from it!  If you can track down a copy, check out my latest published design in Yarnforward’s “Man Issue”!  It goes without saying I’m thrilled to be in the same edition as the legendary Kaffe Fasset!

YarnForward Cover

The latest manifestation of my center-out baby blanket obsession, this one features a pentagram motif on a background of bobble stitch.  The pattern emerges with a kind of plus-minus trickiness that make it super fun as the points of the star appear, and the bobbles give it a wonderful, hefty texture.

Blue Star Blanket from YarnForward

Blue Star

Yarnforward is a UK knitting mag, so it can be kind of hard to find on this side of the pond, but you can usually track it down at a better stocked Borders or Barnes & Noble.  Oh wait, i meant “newsagents,”  you can find your copy at any reputable newsagent.  Anyone reading from the UK?


4 Responses to “Blue Star Blanket in print Across the Water”

  1. shana Says:

    nice work, Daniel! did you name the blanket after my people? ;)

  2. Linda Says:

    Someone get this onto Ravelry! Quick!

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