Eternal Knot Baby Blanket

April 1, 2010
Eternal Knot Baby Blanket

I’m super psyched to announce that the pattern for the Eternal Knot baby blanket is now available! This rich and sumptuous knit features a beautiful all-over cable pattern and a tricky looped edging for little hands to grab onto, creating the illusion of a woven knot without beginning or end.  This is a scaled-up, knitted version of the ancient Buddhist symbol of “Shrivasta, ” or the Eternal Knot, which can signify both eternity and the twists and turns of life.*  For this knitted version, we’ll use cabling, increases, decreases, and loops of i-cord to simulate the weave.

Eternal Knot Baby Blanket Detail

Close-up of the loopy edges

A while ago, my friend Emily turned me on to cables in a big way.  Working on a sweater, she realized what the cables were doing there.  For one, they broke up the monotony of stockinette stitch and kept you from getting bored.  And for two, they kept your place for you – now you could count your rows by fours or sixes instead of onesie twosies.  In this design, the increases and decreases that form the in-and-out weave of the borders also do double duty as placeholders – you’ll always know which row you’re on by counting your selvedge stitches.

Eternal Knot Baby Blanket

I know I always say this, but for as tricky as it looks this is a pretty simple and intuitive design. You seldom need to count higher than six, and after a few repeats, your hands will remember the territory.  Don’t get me wrong, though – this is a pattern that keeps you on your toes.  I learned the hard way at my Stitch n Bitch that it’s not the kind of knitting that goes well with a Margarita and boisterous conversation (if you want to learn how to fix a mis-crossed cable without frogging the whole way back, check out this post from last year for a link).

Eternal Knot Baby Blanket

Ok, if feels really good to be releasing this one into the wild.  I hope you like it!  The pattern is here in the shop.

*Okay, in Buddhist terms, “the endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth,” but you know what I mean.


5 Responses to “Eternal Knot Baby Blanket”

  1. Mya Says:

    LOVE this! I downloaded it to make for my nephew that is scheduled to arrive in June. :)

  2. suzanne Says:

    I see from notes that “kitchner” is involved. Is it “major kitchner” or “minor kitchner”?? I figure it has to be either that the blanket is worked from each end to the middle and “major kitchnered” – or the loops for one end are closed during the cast on and the loops on the other end need to be “minor kitchnered” to be closed. I might perservere through “minor”, but know I wouldn’t commit to “major”. I’d love to know before I make the $$ investment in the pattern. thanks, sj (but it is beautiful and I know little ones would love those loops on the ends of the blanket)

    • Daniel Yuhas Says:

      Hi Suzanne – it’s “minor kitchner,” just a few stitches at a time. The stitching also winds up pretty well hidden under the loops so you don’t need to worry super-much about getting the tension perfect. Hope that helps, and thanks!

  3. That’s truly incredible Daniel. Amazing texture.

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