Fiber Festivities – Where will you be May 1?

April 23, 2010
Lili Marlene

The dog days of summer?

One of the funny side effects of pitching knitting designs to magazines is a kind of seasonal dysphoria. I recently sent off a crop of fall and winter designs, but out on my front stoop, my tulips just bloomed. The warmest design I’ve ever come up with was my Lili Marlene boa, which I submitted for the Winter issue of Knitty a few years back (it was my first “real” design, and it got turned down, but you can get the pattern for free here).  It’s made of a million fingers of thick, brushed alpaca, and I can only bear to wear it when it’s below 20 degrees out (centigrade folks, that’s minus six).  But while I was making it and thinking all those wintry thoughts, it was the dog days of August — those extra special late summer days my old roomie called “The Time of the Sweaty Glasses.” All of which is a long-winded way of saying I can’t believe it’s almost May.  Can you?

So here are two awesome fiber-y events, both happening next Saturday, May 1.

Are you going to Maryland Sheep and Wool?  A whole herd of us New Yorkers are taking a chartered bus down just for Saturday.  Thanks again to Archie of the Park Slope Knitting Circle for his superior organizing.  The bus LEAVES Brooklyn at 6 a.m. and we likely won’t get home ’til Midnight — now that’s dedication to Fiber! I’m looking forward to catching up in real life with some of the knitting world folks I keep in touch with online.  I know lots of you Bedford and Pittsburgh students do Maryland, so drop me a line if you’d like to meet up.  And if you see me walking around laden with yarn and gawking at sheepdogs, be sure and say hi!

And for you New Yorkers who’re staying in town for the weekend, check this out.  My friend Petrinah from the Flatbush Stitch ‘n Bitch is organizing a public knit-in on the Q train.  Starting at the first Q stop at 57th street (where you’re always guaranteed to get a seat even though you’re in the middle of Manhattan), folks will knit, crochet, and chat all the way down to Coney Island.   There’s a sweet “missed connections” thread on the Ravelry Subway Knitters group that’s been running for almost two years — Folks post when they’ve spotted another knitter on the subway in the hopes of finding them online.  It’ll be great to see so many knitters, crocheters and Ravel-ers all in one place, meeting each other in real life.  I wish I could make it, and if you decide to go, I hope you take good pictures! You can get all the details and RSVP here.


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