Making My Mom Famous(er)

May 21, 2010

My Gloria Hat pattern is now available over on as part of their Independent Designer Program.  Gloria HatThe model is my Mom, and my favorite thing about the pattern going live is seeing us side by side on my designer bio page – notice the matching noses?

And in KnitsyBitsy News:

KnitsyBitsy BannerIf you’re in NYC this weekend, be sure to stop by the Bleecker Street Fine Arts and Crafts show on Sunday.  I’ll be there with my KnitsyBitsy stuffed animals (aka the hirsute cephalopod armada). I’ll be sharing a tent with my friend Kristin (ttintin), who makes awesome kids’ duds.  And can I just say my favorite new phrase again?  Hirsute Cephalopod Armada.


One Response to “Making My Mom Famous(er)”

  1. Tina Morris Says:

    Could you explain Row 3 of the top, are you decreasing only 4 per row? how many rows until you have only 14 stitches?

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