Tree Hugging at the Figment Festival

June 20, 2010
Tree Hug

Tree Hug

Here’s a gallery of the piece Lynn and I made for the Figment Festival last weekend.  Our working title was “Torusaurus” since it was basically a big donut that went around a tree like a swimming tube.  But when we installed and inflated our piece and it snugged up to the tree, we knew we had made a tree hugger instead, so we renamed it “Tree Hug.”

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Friday on the Island was gorgeous, with only the sound of helicopters from the nearby helipad and the sight of the Staten Island Ferry going by to remind us that we actually were in New York City.  Governor’s Island is such a restful oasis just off the tip of Manhattan – pack yourself a picnic and escape the city without leaving town before it turns into NYU Dorms.

I was bad at taking photos of the rest of the fest, but the Flickr group is here.


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