Like the Sands Through the Hourglass

July 22, 2010
thing of mystery

phone photo - sorry.


so are the days of our lives

I’m working on a new design for Sanguine Gryphon’s steampunk-themed fall line.  It uses some gorgeous Sappho that I’m thrilled to be playing with.  And while I can’t tell you what it is yet, I’ll give you a hint: this morning on the subway it felt like I was knitting an hourglass. Or maybe not an hourglass – maybe more like one of those  big funnels that you drop coins in at the mall – you drop your penny off a ramp and it spins around faster and faster as the tunnel gets smaller.

I tried to find a decent photo of a coin funnel for this post, and wound up on the homepage of Hypertek, a company that makes those mall funnels.  They market it as a money-making machine with no moving parts – people gather around to watch their money disappear into your funnel… poof! It’s like a slot machine without the bad karma.spiralIt seems I can’t get away from spirals, no matter how I try.  Nor hyperbolic-ness, neither.  Also – miniature golf!

Watch out, who knows where all this Rube Goldberg Machine inspiration will take my knitting!  ‘Til next time…


2 Responses to “Like the Sands Through the Hourglass”

  1. […] will be debuting a Steampunk line with appropriately themed yarns and patterns in the Fall. Some of the designers have started to leak their involvement in the […]

  2. dolldr Says:

    I saw the big Swirl of Ice Cream in the brochure accompanying the Math/Art exibit in NY.
    Wow! Nice.
    How did you come up with that?

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