The Hive of Industry

August 9, 2010

A quick and pictureless post – I just got back from a week of teaching and retreating in mid-coast Maine, and holy cats! What a wonderful experience the entire week was. We had students from all over the country and with a great variety of backgrounds, absolutely super teachers and staffers, fabulous field trips to visit artists and producers, not to mention delicious food, a gorgeous setting, and heartbreakingly shooting-star-filled skies at night.  The whole week gave me so much to think about, and I feel like the experience is changing my outlook in some really important ways — about what I’m doing as a teacher, as a fiber artist, and in general as someone who makes stuff and shares it with the world.

We had multiple classes running from morning ’til after dinner, taught in the retreat center’s lodge or in rocking chairs on the porch.  By the third day of classes, the porch was host to a roving cast of characters and strewn with freshly indigoed and cochinealed yarn, tri-looms, stitch markers, a scrabble board, crochet hooks, more yarn, needle-felted critters, drop spindles, spinning wheels and all kinds of fuzz in various stages of transformation from fleece to singles to plied yarn.  I started calling the scene on the porch “the hive of industry,” and it was wonderful to experience — everyone doing their thing, whatever their thing was, and enjoying being together. Sounds so simple, right? And yet it felt so precious. So how can I take that back with me and cultivate it in my regular life?

And so: I just want to do a public thank you to the organizers, teachers, students and camp-runners that brought me up to Maine and made for such a wonderful week – you guys rock!


One Response to “The Hive of Industry”

  1. lanamfeci Says:

    It was a good week, wasn’t it? A lot of catalytic co-creativity. (hey, I just made that up!)

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