Where’ve you been keeping yourself?

August 31, 2010

It’s been a quiet August on the blog and here’s three pictures why:

August has been a whirlwhind tour.  My sweetheart & I spent a miniature honeymoon weekend exploring caves and making eyes at each other in the Shenandoah valley after we got domestic partnered, then I spent a week in Maine teaching at fiber camp, then we spent some time with the in-laws in southern Oregon, seeing Crater Lake and the coastal redwoods for the first time.  It’s been a wonderful and precious-feeling month, and I’ve been gob-smacked by beautiful-ness everywhere I’ve been, from underground landscapes that look like they belong on Mars to nights in Maine lying flat on my back waiting for shooting stars, to the gigantical forest where my sweetie’s dad said “This part of the world makes you feel like God’s been around for a while,” and it felt true.

Now back in Brooklyn the humidity’s dropped and the light’s taken on the special cast it gets around back-to-school time. It’s that end-of-summer wistfulness, the feeling that you’d better eat every peach in sight before they’re gone for the season. Each day turns out shorter than the last and in the evenings the sky starts to turn that magical inky blue it saves for September.



2 Responses to “Where’ve you been keeping yourself?”

  1. Judy Eames Says:

    Hi Daniel- Congratulations on your domestic partnership. Your sweetie must be special. I could hardly stop grinning when checking out the charity blog on chicken sweaters. Had to print it out so my buds would believe me. I’ve been scarfing down nectarines from the local farm stand; why no nectarine ice cream ? Best wishes, Judy

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