The Stash-Mageddon Stitch’n’Bitch Send-off on Cortelyou this Tuesday

September 30, 2010
Manhattan with a blimp

docks and zeppelins not included

Well, we’ve moved! My sweetie and I are now happily nestled into our new digs on Manhattan Island. Last Wednesday we moved to the new place, and yesterday was the last get-everything-we-left-behind-out-of-the-old-house day. Two carloads of stuff went to Goodwill, and scads of books, kitchen gadgets, and sentimental stuff are in storage, waiting for the move after this one to somewhere bigger. All the KnitsyBitsy squids and octopi are in the storage locker too, and they wound up in the back right corner, which pretty much guarantees there’ll be some rush sales before I pull them out for the holiday fair season. The summer sale’s still going, by the way!

On my last, car-less run to the storage unit yesterday, I got a little too ambitious. I loaded the last few boxes and a bag of assorted doodads onto this rolling metal library shelf I have, grabbed my fancy racing bike with my other hand and set off on my five-block journey to the storage place. Around the corner from the old house (literally two doors down), I ran into neighbor and sometimes Flatbush-Stitch-n-Bitch-er Katherine, who just happened to be unloading the many, many pieces that make up a loom from a rented SUV. (Congratulations on your new obsession, Katherine! May it bring you joy.) Katherine offered to give me a lift the rest of the way but I said no, this was my last trip and I’d make it fine on my own.

okie car

So as it turns out, I was wrong: I roll the loaded shelves down a curb cut at Flatbush Avenue, wobble, wobble, and crash!  Boots, shoes, and a teapot are all over the street. Thankfully nothing’s broken. I gather my stuff together, readjust my bungees to strap it on tighter, and continue on around the corner.  I make it two more blocks, mostly pushing my stuff down the center of the street, when I decide to pull to the side and get out of the way of the cars. Again, wobble, wobble, crash!

I start to put my stuff back together again and the next thing I know a total stranger is there, taking charge of the situation.  Put those box lids under this bungee, he says, and tie that ikea bag onto the handle.  We stop and inspect his handiwork, testing for wobbly spots, and he says, where you going?  I tell him my storage place is two more blocks away and he nods and takes off ahead of me with the cart, leaving me chasing after him with my bike. He pushes the cart the whole rest of the way, and when we get there and I start vociferously thanking him he just smiles and takes off.  Thank you again, anonymous stranger!

I feel like there’s a moral to this story that I’m supposed to be learning, not just about the kindness of strangers but my tendency to make things harder than they need to be, so that a trip to the storage unit feels like crossing the prairie.

Last summer at Sycamore

Last summer at Sycamore

So finally, the knitting content!

Moving out of Flatbush means I won’t be able to organize the Flatbush Stitch n Bitch any more. I can’t believe it’s been almost two and a half years since Marci and I founded our group. It’s been a great run, and I’m throwing one last Stitch’n’Bitch to send myself packing in style!

If any of you out there on the other side of the screen are Cortelyou-inclined folks who haven’t made it down to our little group yet, here are the details.  All are welcome, whether or not you’ve joined us before.

  • Crafters of all stripes – bring anything you want to show and tell – if it’s a craft you can do in your lap, bring it!
  • Newbie knitters & crocheters – come get some tips and inspiration!
  • Experienced knitters & crocheters – rock that fall spirit, and show us what you’re planning to wear to Rhinebeck!
  • And if my gratuitous use of exclamation points isn’t enough to get you excited, did I mention the party favors? Yarn! For you! Scads of it!

My new digs are about half the size of my old digs, so anything in my stash that made me say “what was I planning to do with that again?” had to go. Yarn biding its time in a cupboard without a plan to be knit into something makes me sad, and yarn in my storage locker waiting to be unpacked, well… Just tell me what you plan to do with it and it’s yours. We’ll work out an equitable system for dividing the loot, drawing lots or starting a gigantic Rock Paper Scissors-a-thon!

Tuesday, October 5
Kumo Sushi, 1406 Cortelyou Road
7:00 on

RSVP here on (or leave a comment here if you’re not a Meetup-er) so I have a head count.

It would be great to see everyone one last time and go out in style! I hope you can make it!

p.s. In case our fond farewell draws lots of folks, please make sure to change your rsvp if your plans change – I just need to tell Kumo how many people to expect.

p.p.s. No one has stepped up yet to take over as organizer – if you’ve ever dreamed of being the ringleader of a crackerjack knitting gang, now’s your chance! Just drop me an email.


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