Two New Patterns – Papageno and Listing

October 27, 2010

Hi everyone! I have two new patterns to share with you:

Papageno Neckerchief

Papageno is inspired by the character (and the costume!) of Mozart’s Magic Flute.  It’s a bit of triangular lace in a feathery pattern.  I sparked a kind of hilarious discussion over on Ravelry when I asked one of the big boards for a better word than “shawlette.”

Papageno Neckerchief

Papageno Neckerchief

Wear it as a triangular bandana, or tuck the edges under your waistcoat and rock it like a cravat, or point the fringes outwards and strut your feathers!

Knit in a feathery eyelet stitch from a single skein of yarn, this is a fast and fun knit. Instructions are given both in chart form and a written pattern.

Papageno is now available for download from the MoltingYeti Pattern Shop.

And if you didn’t get the reference, here’s an old picture of Papageno:



But wait, there’s more! I also published the pattern for my Listing twisted scarf earlier this week – If you know me from Ravelry, it’s been my Ravatar for a couple months now. Listing is a moebius cowl and then some, knit in a super simple two-stich pattern that’s like brioche on the bias. And best of all, it’s free for your downloading pleasure in the shop!

Listing Scarf


2 Responses to “Two New Patterns – Papageno and Listing”

  1. tabitha Says:

    Papageno is very aptly names. Great color choice too.

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