Mark Your Calendars, and I’ve got Just the One

November 4, 2010

I’ve got two teaching events nailed down for next year that I’m thrilled to be able to share with you!

Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Show

Pittsburgh! February 11-13

I’ll be teaching four workshops at the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival this February 11 to 13:

eternal knot baby blanket

eternal knot

on the bias

on the bias

lace and loop scarf

lace & loop

  • Knitting on the Bias, a peek into the wonderful world of diagonal knitting.
  • The Lace & Loop Scarf will teach your knitting to do gravity defying somersaults!
  • The Eternal Knot Baby Blanket, with sumptuous cables and lots of loops, we’ll knit our way through the twists and turns.
  • Ruffle Workshop, a three-hour tour of knitted ruffles, from the ostentatious neck ruffs of Victorian England to the pleats at the hem of a sensible skirt, with plenty of stops in between.

And did I mention that Nicky Epstein is the headliner? The very first knitting book I ever bought (well, the very second after my tattered copy of Vogue Knitting), was Knitting On the Edge, and I feel totally honored to be teaching at the same festival as someone who got me so inspired in the first place.


Camp Medomak! July 31-August 6

And now that we’ve talked about winter, how about next summer? I’ll be back at the New England Fiber Arts Retreat at Camp Medomak in Washington, Maine July 31-August 6. Seriously, teaching and retreating at Medomak last summer was a huge highlight of my fiber career so far – it’s a great event with friendly folks, wonderful workshops, star-filled skies and delectably delicious food, all in a spectacular Maine setting. Besides me, there’ll be workshops with Bill Huntington of Hope Spinnery, and visits with two absolute powerhouses of the fiber world: artist-who-knits Katharine Cobey and farmer, saltwater dyer and passionate fiber-ista Nan Kennedy.

I hope to see lots of you beautiful crafty people at either or both of these wonderful events.  AND: I’m trying to turn my trip to the Pittsburgh festival into my first-ever Itinerant Knitting Rockstar Teaching Tour (have needles, will travel!), so if you’re anywhere between NYC and Pittsburgh and would like to have me teach at your Guild or shop come February, drop me a line! (info at moltingyeti dot com)

And last but not least,  with all these dates to keep track of, I’ve got just the calendar for you:

Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar

February 10!

Lili Marlene Boa

A Boa to Keep You Warm!

Can you believe it’s already almost 2011? My Lili Marlene Boa pattern has been featured in this year’s Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar. With more than a hundred patterns crammed into a beautiful little box, it’s hard to beat for value. It’s so nice to see the first pattern I ever wrote way back in 2007 now in print in living color. My, how the time flies!


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