Precious Cargo

November 26, 2010
precious cargo

Precious Cargo, Handle With Care

It’s holiday gift giving time again! I just sent a whole bunch of octopi, squids, and inchworms off to the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis, where they’ll be appearing as part of Kiosk[Brooklyn], a pop-up shop in the Walker’s lobby. It’s our High Art debut – can you tell we’re nervous?

If you’re anywhere near Minneapolis this December 3-5, be sure to check it out! And catch the Yves Klein show while you’re there!

The critters and I will also be at:

Bust Craftacular Flier

The Bust Craftacular, Sunday, December 12 at the Metropolitan Pavillion on 18th street in NYC.


brooklyn flea flier

The Brooklyn Flea’s Gifted Holiday Market, December 15 and 23 at One Hanson Place in Brooklyn (the big clock building) – keeping Jen from Black Sheep Heap company.

This year I’ll be incorporating a mini trunk-show of my MoltingYeti designs, and selling kits and knitting patterns as well – so there’ll be something for everybody. Do stop by!

A couple internet housekeeping notes, too: since the creatures are on tour for the holidays, you’ll need to buy your squids in person until the new year.’s shopping cart is off until January, but do drop me a line if you need a creature for your loved one – I’m hoping the few that are left will find loving homes.

Gazeta Comics Cover

And: You may have noticed a new logo in the shopping cart recently: My sweetie just published Gazeta Comics, a pretty super anthology of underground art comics from all over the world. If any of you out there are comics-y, or have comics-y friends or loved ones, check out Gazeta!


2 Responses to “Precious Cargo”

  1. Cerise Says:

    Those are so cool! Wish I was there to see the exhibit!

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