Bigger Ruffs for Everyone!

November 30, 2010

Okay, picture this:

You’re Cate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth in the thinly-plotted but gorgeously costumed bodice-ripper Elizabeth: the Golden Age. You’re pining for the good old days before your sweetie, Sir Walter, started canoodling with your best girl maidservant. A mysterious visitor from the East brings you a mechanical oddity, a golden scarab beetle that moves on wind-up springs.

The scarab turns out to be a nanotechnology robot time machine, and the next thing you know, you’ve been zapped into a dystopian city in the far future. This doesn’t make much sense, but the director was also the costume designer, so plot considerations are secondary. Now everybody wears aviator goggles or monocles, and they tap emails into their wooden-cased iphones with froofy feather quills. It’s a relief that nobody’s wearing corsets any more, but it turns out your neckruffle is all the rage.

Thanks to the inimitable Sarah and Gryphon, the brains, beauty and brawn behind Sanguine Gryphon yarns, now you can ruffle it up to your heart’s content! It was a joy to work with Sappho, their ultra-soft laceweight Uruguayan merino, and a sacrilegious, gluey glee to starch the tar out of it as this garment took its final shape.

Patterns for all three garments – knitted peacock ruff, lacey partlet and the post-punk, steampunk neckruffle are available for your downloading pleasure as Elizabeth: The Steam Age. Head on over to to get your downloading and ruffle-knitting on.

P.S. – Ever wonder why neckruffles were a status symbol back in the day? Cast on five hundred and sixty stitches and ask me again!


One Response to “Bigger Ruffs for Everyone!”

  1. Cerise Says:

    I love the ruffs!!!

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