In Which I Admit Defeat, and Console Myself with Pie

December 15, 2010

almost to the armpits

NaKniSweMo has now more than come and gone. Silly me left my project bag at work on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and I just didn’t have it in me to run back to the office to retrieve it. So I spent Thanksgiving weekend Giving Thanks, and knitting a few of my Other Projects while the sweater waited. So much for my plans of marathon knitting to claim those NaKniSweMo bragging rights, (And congrats to everyone who succeeded!) but I’m still happy with the project, and excited to wear it .

but miles to go before I sleep

I’m loving the all-over cabled texture of the fabric as this piece takes shape, and looking forward to its practical value as well. Lofty mule-spun yarn plus the thickness of the cabling will equal extra warmth in the bitter cold snaps we’ve been having.

And did I mention there was pie?

Since Thanksgiving, sweetie and I have been on a mini pie-kick. This one started with a fresh sugar pumpkin. I more or less followed this recipe with a bit more spices. Yummy!



One Response to “In Which I Admit Defeat, and Console Myself with Pie”

  1. Shameka Says:

    I applaud you on your Nakniswemo effort. Your sweater cables rock! You are inspiring me to complete a cable sweater that I had waiting in the wings. And that pie looks awesome. Since thanksgiving, I have been obsessed with pumpkin cupcakes. Wanna trade recipes?

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