January 7, 2011

Please join me in welcoming a new pattern to the shop – here’s Wonderboom!

wonderboom shawl by daniel yuhas

Taking its name from a thousand year old tree, Wonderboom is knit in a delightfully addictive lace leaf pattern. Tricky enough to make you feel like a rockstar knitter yet intuitive enough that your fingers will remember the way.

wonderboom shawl by daniel yuhas

The traditional bat-winged Faroese shawl shape features contoured shoulders for a garment that will stay put without a pin, even on the most blustery day.

This one’s been in the hopper for quite some time – if you took my classes at TKGA or Camp Medomak last summer, you may have seen it already!

Many, many thanks to Lisa (a wickedly awesome spinner, of Knithound Brooklyn fame) for modeling!


2 Responses to “Wonderboom!”

  1. Oiyi Says:

    It’s beautiful shawl! A very nice model for your shawl. I recognized Lisa right away and did a double take.

    • Daniel Yuhas Says:

      Thanks, Angela! Lisa and I did the photoshoot in front of her favorite tree in the park, and it got struck by lightning some time between that day and Rhinebeck. Portentious omen?

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