January 16, 2011

lots and lots of half-skeins of yarn

I spent some time organizing my yarn cabinet today, and pulled out all of these partial skeins, each earmarked for or still attached to works in progress.  Oy! I’ve got start-itis, but bad! Swatches and samples for future projects, a blanket for my new niece Zoe, samples for the workshops I’m teaching in Pittsburgh on ruffles and bias knitting, and my still-unfinished NaKniSweMo vest.  I’ve been playing with colorwork lately, so this heap of yarn doesn’t amount to as huge a number of projects as it might seem, but still I’ve got 8 projects currently going on my needles.  If only I could knit them all at once! And here’s to developing just as fearsome a case of finish-itis!

What about you, gentle readers? Do you cast on like crazy and alternate between multiple projects, or are you “monogamous” knitters?


4 Responses to “Start-Itis”

  1. Rachel Yuhas Says:

    Me, I knit scarves. only scarves, and only knit–never purl. I am in awe of skilled knitting!

  2. Barbara Russo Says:

    I too suffer from “start-itis”…badly !! I do get around to finishing but I just can’t wait to get started !!! I am looking at the lace and loop scarf and was wondering what yarn you might suggest. looks very interesting…

    • Daniel Yuhas Says:

      I’ve decided this spring will be all about knitting from my stash and catching the finish-up-itis bug!

      For Lace & Loop, I find it looks great in anything that’s drapey – the sample’s in Berroco Bonsai, which is a bamboo ribbon yarn – totally floppy. Anything that looks a bit silky and shimmery will work great – silk (if you’re rich!), bamboo, space-age plant fibers like modal and rayon, or something with some alpaca in it, which is very drapey for an animal fiber. If you use a wool or something really bouncy, the loops will have way more body, which can be great, too, just know that it’ll turn out different! I’ve also seen it done in Noro which turned out surprisingly great – each loop was a different color! Um, did that answer your question?

      • Barbara Says:

        well I did the first one Saturday in class (and after) in Berroco LUSTRA…Beautiful. I think I will try the next one in Noro. Fun knit !! Now..I am knitting Anemone and have about 1680 yards. Is that enough to do another 14 rounds before I add the lace part. I’m worried about how many yards it is going to take to do the fringe (and the fringe x 2 if I add another round !)

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